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Sponsor Spotlight: Bank of Bird-in-Hand Invests Locally

Bank of Bird-in-Hand partners with the Fire Company’s Carriage & Antique Auction by sharing the large auction tent to host a Summer Picnic Celebration for customers and shareholders. Holding the financial contribution are Fire Company members Paul Fisher and Tim Hoerner, along with Bank representatives Lori Maley and Christine Boettlin.

Even though Hand-in-Hand Fire Company has existed in the town of Bird-in-Hand for 107 years and Bank of Bird-in-Hand has been here only three-and-a-half years, they have a great partnership. Both institutions are deeply invested in this community and their goals are similar – make this a good place to live and work.
The Bank of Bird-in-Hand opened its doors for business on December 2, 2013. Area residents were proud to have the first startup bank in the United States in almost three years, and in Pennsylvania in over five years. There was much excitement as passersby on Old Philadelphia Pike watched Dr. Whitlaw and Rudy Show’s former residence and office transform into a brand new independent bank.

The Bank specializes in delivering exceptional personal service and maintains a strong focus on agriculture, small business and consumer banking. Founders of the Bank designed their organization to match the needs of the community they serve. And from the very beginning, they have concentrated their community outreach efforts locally.

In May 2014 the Bank held its first annual shareholders meeting at the Fire Hall. They plan to continue using the facility each year as long as there is adequate space since the Bank is growing.

In the fall of that year, the Bank also became an annual sponsor of the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon Weekend. Since that time Chief Lending Officer Bill O’Brien has been cooking ribs for the community picnic following Saturday morning’s run. This year the Bank sponsored the 5K Run on Friday evening.

Bank of Bird-in-Hand’s Chief Lending Officer Bill O’Brien cooks ribs during the community picnic after the Half Marathon.

Bank of Bird-in-Hand began a new alliance with the Fire Company on June 19, 2017 by holding their first Summer Picnic Celebration for customers and shareholders on the grounds of the Fire Company’s Lancaster County Carriage & Antique Auction. Both organizations shared the large tent, with the Bank using space on Monday before it was filled with auction consignments to be sold on Thursday and Friday. Almost 1,000 people attended the Bank’s picnic.

The arrangement is of mutual benefit: the Bank’s picnic is conveniently close to their main office and the Fire Company’s auction enjoys a significant profit boost.

“The Fire Company is our primary sponsorship since the Bank opened,” explains Bank President and CEO Lori Maley. “They are a volunteer organization that is very connected to the community. Their fire protection is a big commitment. They protect and support us and therefore we are very happy to invest in them.”
Lori adds, “The community has embraced us as a Bank so we want to stay geographically local with our sponsorships. We have developed a very positive relationship with the Fire Company. They are great people to work with!”

Sponsor Spotlight: JM Lapp Heating and Plumbing


JM Lapp, a heating and plumbing company, is located one mile east of Bird-in-Hand at  919  Old Philadelphia Pike. Owner Matt Lapp began his business in 2006 when he decided to branch out on his own after working eight years for another plumbing company.

Marking its tenth year in business in 2016, JM Lapp has experienced significant growth and today has 16 full-time employees and a fleet of 13 trucks. They service homebuilders, light commercial projects, and residential customers within a one hour radius of their shop with plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and water treatment.

Because Matt loves to run, he has taken part in most of the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathons. When the Fire Company asked him about providing bottled water from his company for participants as they finished the course and for spectators as they cheered under the hot sun, Matt readily agreed. His generosity obviously helps the Fire Company take care of the runners. On the other hand, the 4,000 water bottles with his name and logo help get the word out about his company. It is a win/win for everyone.

Matt says, “We are part of a great community. I like to donate water to events that are community based like the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon and the Intercourse Heritage Days. If we can impact our communities for good, it will have a ripple effect. Good communities will make a great state, good states will make a great nation, good nations will make a great world.”

Every year several of the staff members at JM Lapp support the Fire Company by running in the Half Marathon. Another connection is that a Bird-in-Hand firefighter is a JM Lapp employee. Matthew Fisher, son of Daniel Fisher and grandson of Dan Fisher, works in inventory and shipping and is in charge of the retail store that stocks products to supply area farmers with their plumbing and water needs.

The goals for JM Lapp are top quality plumbing and heating work and ncommon customer service. But beyond that, Matt’s company wants to invest in the local community and they value the trusted relationship they have with the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company. In return, the Fire Company likes to support local businesses, so they have chosen JM Lapp to install an additional heating system for the basement of the Fire Hall.

Employees of JM Lapp who ran in the 2016 Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon are Levi Stoltzfus, Daniel Ranck, Matt Lapp, and Michael Stoltzfus. They, along with many other runners, appreciated the JM Lapp water bottles after the race.

Sponsor Spotlight: Ettline Foods is the Sponsor of the Pasta Dinner


Ettline Foods Corporation is a foodservice distributor serving businesses in six states with its headquarters in York, Pennsylvania. The company has been in existence for 127 years since its beginning as a grocery store in 1889. The biggest advantage to doing business with Ettline today is that it is an independent, employee-owned company where each individual cares about how the product is bought, stored, and delivered.

One of Ettline’s goals is to actively participate in community affairs. The company prioritizes the large number of charitable requests they receive in these ways…

  1. The charitable organization is near and dear to an Ettline employee
  2. The charitable organization is supported by one of Ettline’s customers

After the addition of Bird-in-Hand Restaurant’s smorgasbord in 2005, they began a relationship with Ettline and became a major customer. Because the Restaurant is a loyal customer and a major supporter of the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company, Ettline also has a special interest making contributions to the Half Marathon event. They are the sponsor of the Fire Company’s Friday evening Pasta Dinner and provide the refueling foods for the runners at the 5K and Half Marathon finish lines.

Restaurant Operations Manager Darryl Hassler says, “Ettline has been donating food since we started the Pasta Dinner back in 2010 when we served several hundred people. Now we serve 1,200. The portion they contribute is huge and includes sauce, meatballs, cheeses, salad mix, and bread sticks. Plus, they donate ALL of the chips, bananas, apples, granola bars, and bagels at the 5K and Half Marathon finish lines. This year they will be providing a truck for storage. Paul Grim, Ettline’s sales rep, really steps up as the food is ordered and delivered.”

Joe Ayoub, President and CEO of Ettline, and his wife were present at last year’s Pasta Dinner and were impressed that so many runners from faraway states come to our Fire Company event. He loved the community feeling and the fact that the dinner is a lot of fun for the runners, their families and friends, and the local residents.

Joe explains his company’s involvement with the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company. “The success of our company depends on the success of businesses in the community. They support us so we know the right thing to do is to support organizations that are important to them. We take great joy and pride in giving back to the community.”

Thank you to the Bird-in-Hand Restaurant Staff for preparing the Pasta Dinner. Special thanks to the 2016 leadership team of Mark Crisotomo, Darryl Hassler, Sylvia Smucker, and Sally Stoltzfus!
Thank you to the Bird-in-Hand Restaurant Staff for preparing the Pasta Dinner. Special thanks to the 2016 leadership team of Mark Crisotomo, Darryl Hassler, Sylvia Smucker, and Sally Stoltzfus!

Sponsor Spotlight: Stoltzfus Meats

The Bird-in-Hand Fire Company is proud to have Stoltzfus Meats as one of our sponsors. This local company will mark its 60th year in 2016. The founder Amos Stoltzfus was a pioneer in taking delicious fresh foods from Lancaster County and selling them in urban markets way back in 1956. His meat stand at the New Castle Farmers Market in New Castle, Delaware was the beginning of the company that is today headquartered in the village of Intercourse.

In the first years of the Run, Ride & Soar weekend, Jim Smucker asked Stoltzfus Meats if they would like to be involved in the event as a sponsor and give a donation. That is when the relationship between the Fire Company and Stoltzfus Meats began. Every year since then the firm has provided sausage and hamburgers for the Fire Company’s community picnic on Saturday.

Scott Moyer, Executive Vice President, comments, “The Stoltzfus Family have been members of the local community for decades. Our employees live here and that makes us committed to local organizations. Even though we have many requests, our company prefers to sponsor events right here in our area.”

With Stoltzfus Meats’ generosity, the Bird-in-Hand community enjoys delicious sausage and hamburger sandwiches at an annual picnic under the tent and in return, the Fire Company displays the Stoltzfus Meats logo on the event’s website and displays a banner at the picnic. It is a partnership of mutual respect and appreciation.stoltzfus_meats_logo

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital

wellspan_logoWellSpan is a charitable, nonprofit comprehensive health system in central Pennsylvania. Its mission statement is: working as one to improve health through exceptional care for all, lifelong wellness and healthy communities. WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital, one of the five respected WellSpan hospitals in this region, has been motivated by this mission statement to be a sponsor of the Run, Ride & Soar weekend for the past two years.

WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital and its health care professionals have a rich tradition of being an important part of this community. Amy Walsh, senior community relations specialist at WellSpan Health says, “We chose to sponsor this event because it aligns with our mission to foster a healthy community. Part of that mission includes ensuring that our first responders have the resources they need to serve their community. From our perspective, this sponsorship is a win-win.”

Both the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company and WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital are organizations that care deeply about the well being of the local community. The outstanding fire protection and excellent health resources they provide make this area a desirable place to live.

WellSpan encourages local residents to become healthy and stay that way. When residents participate in the events of the Run, Ride & Soar weekend it helps to accomplish this goal. Many of the runners in the Bird-in-Hand 5K and Half Marathon come from across WellSpan’s service area, including Lancaster, York, Adams, and Lebanon Counties. In fact, WellSpan employees were registered for both the 5K Run and the Half Marathon.

One patient, one community, and one unique health care need at a time. That is the approach WellSpan takes in developing and strengthening systems of care in each community. Their goal is for local people to have access to high quality health care in their community. Along with that, WellSpan believes in building partnerships with organizations like the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company to ensure that the health and wellness needs of their neighbors in the community are being met.

Currently the Run, Ride & Soar sponsorship is the only formal relationship that the Fire Company and WellSpan have established, but both organizations are open to additional partnership opportunities in the future in order to continue building a healthy Bird-in-Hand community.

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In support of their employer’s wellness initiatives, WellSpan employees enjoy the evening 5k Run.
(Karen Comerford #899, Caitlyn Artz #889, Corey Eshleman #883, Tanya Guise #886, Sharla Lester #894, Gene Geib #852)



SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Bird-in-Hand Corporation and the Fire Company

img252There is a long-standing relationship between the Fire Company and the Bird-in-Hand Corporation, which is owned by members of the Smucker family. The Smuckers have been a part of the Bird-in-Hand community for over 100 years, since they bought their farm east of the village in 1911.

As the Smuckers farmed their land, they developed close ties with their neighbors and became involved in community life by joining the Fire Company. Eighty-five-yearold John I. Smucker remembers leaving the farm chores as a young man to drive the engine to the fires. These family members served as Fire Company chiefs: Paul Smucker in 1972-1977 and Jerry Smucker in 1978 and 1982-1986.

This multi-generational relationship between the Smucker family and the Fire Company still benefits the community today. Presently two of the largest fundraisers for the Fire Company have been developed in collaboration with the Smuckers.

In the late 2000s the Fire Company made a strategic shift in their approach to fundraising by seeking out a few large events instead of many small fundraisers. At the same time Bird-in-Hand Corporation wanted to use its land on the Smucker Homestead as an event venue. In June 2008 with the help of Jake King, Paul Stoltzfus and Elam Petersheim, they worked together to bring the Lancaster County Carriage and Antique Auction to the village. A successful partnership was formed with Bird-in-Hand, which provides the event site and also financial and technical assistance.

Many of the Smucker Family are avid runners, including Jim and John Smucker. In November 2010 Jim and John were instrumental in promoting and organizing the first Amish Country Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon. They also had the innovative idea to connect the race and the Fire Company. The event on the Homestead has evolved into the Run, Ride, and Soar weekend in early September, bringing thousands of people to the village. This has become a very profitable event for the Fire Company whose members serve as volunteers.

Bird-in-Hand and the Fire Company are committed to grow this event and make it more efficient. The emphasis is on friendly hospitality that creates an unforgettable experience in our picturesque community for the runners and other Guests.

John Smucker of the Bird-in-Hand Corporation explains the relationship, “We call on the Fire Company for protection and support and in return want to provide support and resources to them. As our business has experienced development and growth, the Fire Company has also developed into a professional organization. We appreciate that they are able to minimize damage when responding to a call for a company of our size. They reach for the appropriate techniques and tools. It is a sign of their level of training, sophisticated equipment, and their innovations and commitment.”

John also comments, “Our business is particularly interested in how the Fire Company is planning for its future in order to stay sustainable. Together we both share a strong vision for our community. And together we can accomplish our goals and make our community a good place to live and work.”


Bird-in-Hand Corporation provides the infrastructure for events. Darryl Hassler, Restaurant Operations Manager, consults with Fire Company Vice-President Paul Fisher. Together they offer the Friday evening Pasta Dinner on the Run, Ride, and Soar weekend under the big tent on the Smucker Homestead.

Local Businesses Lend Manpower to Fire Company

Businesses that allow their employees to respond to calls during work hours are a very special gift to volunteer fire companies. At the Bird-In-Hand Fire Company this cooperation is vital to the fire company’s existence since there are no paid firefighters on the team. Personnel leave their places of work at a moment’s notice and are absent for the duration of the fire or accident.

To show the impact that responding to fire calls has on a company’s daily operations, local business leaders were interviewed. These companies are only a sampling of those who lend daytime manpower to the Fire Company; all local businesses are equally appreciated.


WHO? Business leaders and their featured companies…


  • Reuben Stoltzfus – Lancaster Agriculture Products
  • Doug Glick – Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc.
  • Dave Kauffman – Kauffman’s Fruit Farm & Market
  • Stanley Shrock – Shrock Fabrication
  • John Petersheim – J & R Metal Products
  • Jake King – Weavertown Coach Shop, LLC

These business leaders are or have been firefighters or EMTs who respond to calls while on the job. They understand firsthand the importance of the volunteer system.

HOW MANY? Number of employees involved…
These numbers change from year to year as new firefighters are trained and long-time firefighters transition into supportive roles. Presently, these companies release 1-8 people when a call is dispatched. While one company interviewed has a long history of firefighters, it currently doesn’t have anyone actively firefighting. Employees do serve the Fire Company in other ways during their workdays.

WHAT? The specific policies that are in place…
Only one company has a written policy about responding during work hours. The other businesses have pre-planned what will happen when the siren sounds. The season of the year and the work projects that are underway at the time of the call determine how many will respond and which individuals are free to go.

HOW? The way the work is covered…
When the pagers go off, other employees need to step in for the firefighters who leave to respond to the calls. These employees are also volunteering since they go the second mile and take on extra work. In fact, it takes the cooperation of the whole company to make the volunteer system work, since there can be situations when customers need to wait to be served.

There are times when work tasks cannot be covered, such as certain painting procedures; disruption of an assembly line process; or when there are priority projects. Then a split-second decision is made determining who will respond and who will stay back. Other types of work wait until the firefighters return. Then firefighters must give the extra effort to catch up with their work.

WHY? Reasons companies share their manpower…

“It’s always been this way. We know if we need help, there will be people coming to help us.”

“The community supports us as customers, so we support the community. We want to give back. Plus, we want the Fire Company to be well-staffed.”

“At the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company we have a good thing going. It is a good team and we are glad to do our part.”

“We want to be involved in our community and help our neighbors.”

“Giving is a natural part of my being, so we encourage our employees to get involved.”

“We feel strongly about supporting our local communities in East Lampeter Township with our time and resources. We value the goodwill aspect of serving our community.”

“There is give and take in a community. We want to serve mankind for the greater good of everyone.”

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Local Businesses are Generous with Food Donations

We are appreciative of the local businesses that support us by donating food for our fundraising meals. This is a creative way to involve more people in the ongoing mission of our Fire Company. We enjoy working together with these businesses to raise finances to keep quality fire protection in our community.


Chicken Pot Pie Dinner

Saturday AFTER Presidents’ Day

  • Weavertown Coach – chicks
  • Lancaster Ag Products – feed for the chickens
  • Lester Lapp Family – raising the chickens
  • David Petersheim & Leroy Miller Families – chicken processing
  • Oasis – butter, deep freeze & storage of chicken
  • Gideon Stoltzfus – potatoes
  • Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop – dinner rolls, dough supplies
  • Four Seasons Produce – fresh produce
  • Turkey Hill Dairy – generous discount on drinks & ice cream
Chicken BBQ

Memorial Day Saturday & Labor Day Saturday

  • Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop – dinner rolls
  • Turkey Hill Dairy – generous discount on drinks & ice cream
  • E.K. Bare & Sons – potato chips
Carriage Auction Food Tent & Haystack Dinner

Last Thursday & Friday in June

  • Stoltzfus Meats & Deli – chili, apple maple sausage grillers for breakfast sandwiches
  • Four Seasons Produce – fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Oasis – organic cheese and cottage cheese, milk for the homemade ice cream and fresh dairy products
  • Miller’s Smorgasbord – pulled pork
  • E.K. Bare & Sons – potato chips
  • JM Lapp Plumbing – bottled water
  • Turkey Hill – generous discount on drinks & ice cream
Half Marathon Weekend

Friday & Saturday after Labor Day

  • Ettline Foods – pizza and pasta
  • Shady Lane Curtains – chicken barbecue
  • Stoltzfus Meats & Deli – hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage
  • JM Lapp Plumbing – bottled water
  • Good N Plenty – whoopie pies
  • Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe – cookies & whoopie pies
  • Kauffman’s Fruit Farm – cold storage throughout year, refrigerator trucks for events, generous discount on cake supplies, meats/cheeses/rolls for sandwiches served at large fires to crews

**Please know that we did our best to include all major food sponsors in this listing. However, if we inadvertently missed someone, contact Paul Fisher 717.380.1109 and we will include you in our next newsletter.

We encourage local people to patronize these businesses and thank them for their support of the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company. By their generosity, they are making a difference in our local community.
We also honor and thank the volunteers from our community who are very generous with their time. They serve by baking pies, whoopie pies and cakes; working shifts in the food tent; serving guests and clearing tables; preparing food and barbecuing chicken; manning the kitchen; washing dishes and cleaning up; and making sure that those who attend our dinners are comfortable and well fed.

It takes a team of workers and contributors to make our fundraising dinners successful!

Sponsor Spotlight: National Penn


National Penn Bank has a longstanding reputation for honesty, integrity, and performance in Bird-in-Hand and surrounding areas. Because they like to be involved with the communities they serve, they have become a Presenting Sponsor for the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company’s Lancaster County Carriage & Antique Auction. They are a tremendous financial supporter of this very important fundraiser, one of the major events of the year for the Fire Company.

The relationship between the Bank and Fire Company evolved over the course of a decade. In 2000, bank officials creatively dreamed up the idea of hosting an annual pig roast as a way of showing appreciation to their patrons. The first event was held under a big tent in the middle of an alfalfa field on the Smucker Homestead in the heart of Bird-in-Hand.

In the early years the pig roast was on Thursday evening before a weekend community celebration called HomeTowne Heritage Days. Heritage Days was organized by the Bird-in-Hand Corporation and underwritten by HomeTowne Heritage Bank, a division of National Penn. These Lancaster-area branches were branded as National Penn in early 2012. When the Carriage Auction moved to Bird-in- Hand in 2008 and became a fundraiser for the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company, National Penn began working closely with the Fire Company volunteers.

The week of the pig roast and Carriage Auction at the end of June is a festive time for the community of Bird-in-Hand and all of its guests. The two events are very compatible and the Bank and Fire Company work extremely well together. Being able to use the tent, electrical and water lines, and restroom facilities for more than one event makes the effort of setting up the venue in the middle of the field so much more worthwhile.

On Tuesday evening 2,000 by-invitationonly bank patrons stream into the tent for a delicious down-on-the-farm meal of pork barbecue sandwiches, baked beans, and salads topped off with traditional Lancaster County meadow tea and ice cream. The Bird-in-Hand Fire Company handles the traffic and directs cars to the fields designated for parking behind the large tent. After greeting their neighbors and enjoying their complimentary meals, patrons love to browse through the rows of antiques that have already been brought to the site for the Auction. This is great advertising for the Fire Company’s event held on Friday.

Tom Jordan & Donna Dessen present National Penn Bank’s generous donation of $7,250.00 to Chief Lonnie Kauffman, President Tim Hoerner, and Jake King (not pictured).

Naturally, the Fire Company needs the massive tent for the sale of carriages at the end of the week. It is a significant help to have the financial contributions of National Penn to cover the cost of the tent rental and infrastructure. Banners announcing this partnership with National Penn are displayed in highly visible areas during the Carriage Auction so that the 3,500 auction attendees know that this is a bank that cares about the community.

The Fire Company’s fundraising sale and National Penn’s pig roast are a good fit because the two events benefit both institutions. Tom Jordan, National Penn Lancaster Region President, says “We are delighted to continue our 10+ year partnership with the Hand-in- Hand Fire Company. They are a true asset to our community and we are honored to work with them again this year. As our number of customers have grown over the years, the Fire Company has stepped up to help us put on a first class customer event.”

Hand-in-Hand Fire Company members appreciate the goodwill of their friends at the bank and with National Penn’s significant financial support, they can provide better fire and safety protection in their community.