Sponsor Spotlight: Ettline Foods is the Sponsor of the Pasta Dinner


Ettline Foods Corporation is a foodservice distributor serving businesses in six states with its headquarters in York, Pennsylvania. The company has been in existence for 127 years since its beginning as a grocery store in 1889. The biggest advantage to doing business with Ettline today is that it is an independent, employee-owned company where each individual cares about how the product is bought, stored, and delivered.

One of Ettline’s goals is to actively participate in community affairs. The company prioritizes the large number of charitable requests they receive in these ways…

  1. The charitable organization is near and dear to an Ettline employee
  2. The charitable organization is supported by one of Ettline’s customers

After the addition of Bird-in-Hand Restaurant’s smorgasbord in 2005, they began a relationship with Ettline and became a major customer. Because the Restaurant is a loyal customer and a major supporter of the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company, Ettline also has a special interest making contributions to the Half Marathon event. They are the sponsor of the Fire Company’s Friday evening Pasta Dinner and provide the refueling foods for the runners at the 5K and Half Marathon finish lines.

Restaurant Operations Manager Darryl Hassler says, “Ettline has been donating food since we started the Pasta Dinner back in 2010 when we served several hundred people. Now we serve 1,200. The portion they contribute is huge and includes sauce, meatballs, cheeses, salad mix, and bread sticks. Plus, they donate ALL of the chips, bananas, apples, granola bars, and bagels at the 5K and Half Marathon finish lines. This year they will be providing a truck for storage. Paul Grim, Ettline’s sales rep, really steps up as the food is ordered and delivered.”

Joe Ayoub, President and CEO of Ettline, and his wife were present at last year’s Pasta Dinner and were impressed that so many runners from faraway states come to our Fire Company event. He loved the community feeling and the fact that the dinner is a lot of fun for the runners, their families and friends, and the local residents.

Joe explains his company’s involvement with the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company. “The success of our company depends on the success of businesses in the community. They support us so we know the right thing to do is to support organizations that are important to them. We take great joy and pride in giving back to the community.”

Thank you to the Bird-in-Hand Restaurant Staff for preparing the Pasta Dinner. Special thanks to the 2016 leadership team of Mark Crisotomo, Darryl Hassler, Sylvia Smucker, and Sally Stoltzfus!

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