Positions within the Fire Company: Trustees

The following article continues a series detailing various positions that our firefighters fill. From basic skills to top management, all roles are vitally important in making our Fire Company function well.   We hope these articles help community members better understand how we function as a team using everyone’s strengths within a chain of command.

The office of trustee at Bird-in-Hand is a relatively new position, having been added seven or eight years ago.  Before the Fire Company appointed trustees to oversee the building and grounds, different members performed the maintenance and repairs in an informal manner.  Since no one was specifically in charge, some important upkeep was not getting done.  Therefore the position of trustee evolved because there was a need.

Two of the trustees who are presently serving, Dan S. Fisher and Doug Glick, are the original appointees.  A third trustee, Aaron Fisher, was added three years ago.

They are responsible for keeping the Fire Hall and the outside grounds in good repair.  This includes securing janitorial services and outside contracts for maintaining the generator, alarm system, and the heating and cooling systems.  They make sure all repairs are done and also oversee the housecleaning at the Fire Hall that happens three evenings throughout the winter.

Each of the trustees adds his expertise to the position.  Doug Glick works with the electrical systems, Dan Fisher concentrates on construction, and Aaron Fisher oversees the outside grounds.  They meet monthly, work within a budget, and submit a report of their decisions and accomplishments to the Board.  This trustee report is also read at the regular Fire Company meetings.  For larger projects of $2,000 or more, they fill out forms, get quotes, and work through a two-month approval process.

One of the recent repairs that they have been working on is replacing the rotten railroad ties that were used along the boundary fence, where curbing is needed to direct the water.  Another repair is upgrading the lights in the engine room to LED bulbs.  The advantage is better lighting but also less maintenance.  In the future, clearer lines are needed on the engine bay floor as well as sealing the parking lot and painting new lines.

In addition to their trustee duties, these three Fire Company members also have other assignments as firefighters.  Doug is an engineer who drives the trucks.  Dan helps with cleanup at all events.  Aaron is an active firefighter, plus has responsibilities at the fundraising dinners.

The trustees are a committed team and share the workload.  All of them give many hours to the task of keeping the Fire Hall in fine working order.  They know that the building is an investment and needs to be well maintained.  It helps that they understand the building’s systems and have technical know-how and handyman skills.

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