Fire Police Training

Fire Police are responsible for facilitating a safe environment by directing people and traffic away from the emergency. These volunteers also assist in keeping bystanders out of the scene, allowing the firefighters to concentrate on their tasks. Fire Police Captain David Riehl (new in 2022) says “Our firefighters train for firefighting things. When they have to do fire policing as well it can be a lot.”  

Hand-in-Hand’s Fire Police who have graciously served for many years were in need of some new recruits, so this was one of David Riehl’s first goals. He and Fire Police Lieutenant Alex Traynor have recruited more people, and now ten members have completed basic fire police training, and are moving on to more advanced training.  Fire policing is a great way to stay connected when you are looking for a non-firefighting role as a first responder. If you’re interested in learning more about joining the Fire Police, please call the station and leave a message for David Riehl.

Fire Police Lieutenant Alex Traynor with Squad 41-2 directs traffic around N. Ronks Road to Church Road due to a vehicle accident.