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A New Logo is Designed for the Fire Company

The Hand-in-Hand Fire Company logo will soon be prominent on the dress shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps that members of this firefighting organization will be proud to wear. When it was time to reorder apparel last year, it was not clear which logo to use. Over the years, various designs have been printed on letterheads, painted on vehicles, embossed on clothing, and imprinted on the Fire Company street sign. 

The Fire Company Board formed a committee at their January 2020 meeting to guide the process of standardizing a Fire Company logo. The Logo committee members appointed were: Jerry Petersheim, deputy chief representing the officers; Jacob Stoltzfus, Board member at large; and Amy Wissing, graphic consultant. Together they decided that the purpose of a logo is to identify the Fire Company and to inspire trust, admiration, and loyalty. 

A graphic design firm was engaged to develop several options following these guidelines: simple, distinctive, timeless, practical, versatile, and appropriate. The Committee’s desire was to come up with a graphic that conveys a community working together for common goals and a sense of protection. 

Over the process of several months, the Board considered many designs and twice asked the general membership to give their input. The option that was adopted at the October 2020 Fire Meeting incorporates both the titles Hand-in-Hand and Bird-in-Hand. It features the wings of an eagle – a red wing and a black wing – clasped in a handshake. 

The logo was first used at the beginning and end of a video summarizing the memorable events of 2020. This video was shown at the November 18, 2020 Turkey Dinner. According to committee member Jacob Stoltzfus, “It was really neat and satisfying to see the new logo in use.”

The committee is to be complimented for its research, thorough work, and adherence to the mission of the Fire Company. Special recognition goes to Amy Wissing for sharing her artistic and design expertise with the committee. Although the new logo is already in use, it will take several years before it appears everywhere on Company vehicles, signs, and elsewhere throughout the property. 

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