Board Members at Large

A Board of Directors with 12 members governs the Fire Company. Three of the positions on the board are Members at Large. They are elected to these positions by the general membership and serve three-year terms. One position comes up for re-election every year, but that does not necessarily mean a new member is voted onto the Board each year since Members at Large can serve multiple terms.

Members at Large represent the interests of the general membership. They do not have specific positions in the Fire Company that place them on the Board, such as chief or treasurer. Nor do they have specific roles within the Board itself, such as president or recording secretary. Their duties and responsibilities are not fixed, but vary according to the needs of the Fire Company. 

Attending the Board meetings on the last Tuesday of the month is a requirement for the Members at Large. This is a week prior to the general membership Fire Company meetings on the first Tuesday of the month. One or two of them are often appointed to the nominating committee, which finds members who are willing to run for certain offices. Together, all three organize the annual Turkey Dinner in November and plan the program. 

When subcommittees are formed by the Board to address specific needs or interests, the president assigns Members at Large to serve on those special committees. For example, the Logo Committee was a recent example with a Member at Large serving along with two other committee members. In Board meetings they help discuss and discern issues and are able to place motions.

Members at Large can be younger Fire Company members who are just learning the ropes of the organization. They bring an objective and fresh perspective to the work of the Board. They can also be veteran members who are no longer involved in hands-on or active operations, but bring years of experience and insight to the Board. Both are needed.

Contributing to this article were current Board Members at Large:
Sam King (6 years), Dan J. Fisher (6½ years), and Jacob Stoltzfus (2½ years).

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