Annual Fire Company Fund Drive

February 25, 2021

Dear Bird-in-Hand Neighbors,
In most small towns like ours, it is the fire company who arrives on the scene first. Whether that be a vehicle
accident, an emergency call, or a fire. We arrive first because we have made a commitment to step up and care
for our community.
This past year, that commitment often meant taking a step into the unknown. Our community faced
challenges that we’ve never experienced before. As a community we have come together to support each
other and strengthen the bond we have as neighbors and friends.
Many may feel a sense of anguish when we look back at the experiences we shared in 2020: the COVID-19
pandemic, Jason Boyer’s horrific vehicle accident, two major fires, and our continued search for Linda andsupport for the Stoltzfoos family.
Through it all, we have found comfort in our community and our shared dedication to step up and care for one
Today we ask you to step up for us, the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company. Many of you give year-round including
gifts of your time and your resources. It is because of your support that our team of volunteer firefighters are
well trained and ready to tackle any emergency we face. Help preserve our community fire company with a
monetary contribution.
Please give generously to our Annual Fire Company Fund Drive.
Fill out the enclosed envelope and send your 2021 contribution today. Giving your donation early in the year
helps ensure the resources and readiness of our vital services.
Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to a year filled with hope, fellowship, and goodwill
among our neighbors and friends! Please visit our website listed below for a list of events and opportunities
where we can all gather together.

With Gratitude,
Tim Hoerner, President
Hand-in-Hand Fire Company
313 Enterprise Drive • Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505 • 717-392-0112 •

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