Active Firefighting Photo Album – Winter 2019

Crews from Bird-in-Hand Fire Co. standby in manpower staging at a second alarm fire in Leola.
A firefighter ensures that a fire is completely out. 
Captain Jake Blank works to remove the roof during a second alarm fire. 
Captain Ephraim Stoltzfus and Lieutenant Andrew Beiler on scene at a fire.
Second alarm fire in Leola.
Crews train on forcing entry on a training prop. 
Crews operate at a two-vehicle accident in front of Leacock Coleman center.
Assistant Chief Jerry Petershiem, FF Benjamin Beiler, Junior Firefighters Tyler Griffith and
Kailey Boyer train on radio communications.
Lieutenant Andrew Beiler teaches two newer members on donning SCBA. 
Crews wash and repack hose after a fire at All Quality Aluminum Foundry.

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