Active Firefighting Photo Album – Summer 2018

Firefighters work to repack hose after training.  Did you know that Engine 4-1-1 has a 2,200 ft. supply line? That’s almost a half mile! 
Christian Miller opens a hydrant during a water supply training.  Fire hydrants in our first-due area are limited to the Route 896 area and a small portion of the Old Philadelphia Pike in Smoketown

Deputy Chief Steve Petersheim demonstrates how to safely operate saws and fans on drill night.  

Arlan Miller and Lester Shrock force open a door at hand line advancement training at the soon to be demolished Howard Johnson’s Hotel site on Route 30.

New firefighter, Daniel Beiler, learns how to properly place a ladder.

Arlan Miller & Matt Fisher take a break during confined space training at the County Fire Training Center.

Junior firefighters advance a hand line at a pre-planning training at Weavertown Coach. 
The Fire Company purchased 20 helmets and 13 pairs of boots thanks to a yearly Pennsylvania State Grant.  One pair of boots costs about $300 and lasts about 15 years.  Helmets cost $250 each and NFPA standards recommend replacements every 10 years.  

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