2015 Awards

2015 Firefighter of the Year

Doug Glick grew up in a family of firefighters. His grandfather Jake Glick of Smoketown volunteered for many years with the Witmer Fire Company and his father Dave served there as assistant chief. It was natural for Doug to become a junior fireman at Witmer when he was 14 because it meant spending time with his dad. Constantly being around the scanners in his home as a child perked his interest in radio.

When Doug returned to the area after finishing his schooling, Wilmer Lapp and Jerry Smucker encouraged him to help the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company with their radio system. The next year in 1987, Doug joined as a regular firefighter.

Over the years Doug has served as a lieutenant and captain. He also was a part of the 2000 Engine Committee, 2008 Building Committee, and the 2013-2014 Tanker Committee. Presently he responds to fires as a driver/operator and serves as one of three trustees who take care of the building and grounds. Doug is often seen at the Fire Hall replacing light bulbs and doing the routine repairs that keep the building in tiptop shape.

Doug values this opportunity to serve his community, a service he knows is very much needed and is important to the wellbeing of his neighbors. At the Fire Company he has learned about leadership, teamwork, acceptance, and trust. He says, “Bird-in-Hand is an exceptional Fire Company. We trust our leaders and the leaders trust that the others are going to follow them. Plus, we have used patience when things don’t happen exactly like we want them to. An example is our financial budget where we have used a good  process to project what our bottom line will be in 20 years. That will keep us sustainable.”

Honorable Commitment

John Schell (57 years) and Bud Shirk (41 years) were presented with awards of appreciation at the Thanksgiving Banquet on November 21, 2015.  The awards were imprinted with these words of gratitude.

You have demonstrated honorable commitment and service to the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company and Bird-in-Hand community.  Your years of active firefighting and leadership have made an incredible impression on multiple generations of volunteers.  Thank you for sharing your time, energy and life with us!  

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