Firefighter dressed in gear

Bird-in-Hand’s Fire Protection for One Hundred Years: Volunteers – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Whatever were those few men thinking one hundred Octobers back?
Their problem, after all, was far bigger than any one of them.  Where was their solution really coming from?
Did they wonder if their efforts would endure?

What are we thinking, seeing the intervening years since those few men?
Our problem, after all, appears huge.  Where is our solution coming from?
Will our efforts endure?

Today we recognize and embrace the essence of our founders.
Though they did not dismiss it, their solution was not rooted in the things of their day.
Neither is ours.
Instead, our sustenance is from the source that has flowed here for one hundred years.
And much longer.
It is a pool that daily refills to the level we allow, and will for as long as we allow it.

It is more than our wish, we have affirmed it our intent, to convey the sustenance of our forbearers, our sustenance, to our future.
We commend to you our love and caring for our neighbors and friends.
That when the call is made, what is good in your hearts will bring many together, Hand In Hand, to help all in their time of need.

–Timothy M. Hoerner, President Hand-in-Hand Fire Company
October 17, 2010

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