A Note From the Chief…

How do we define a team?  What keeps a team together?

  • Many individuals all striving toward one common goal
  • Recognizing and using diverse skills and talents for mutual benefit
  • Welcoming and valuing each individual’s contribution to the mission

All of these statements are part of the definition of a team, and I’m sure there are many more ways of saying the same thing.
The existence of a team implies the existence of values. As we consider the lives of veteran firefighters Bud Shirk, Dave Haldeman, and Rick Nields, we see that the values they embraced included compassion, cheer, and persistence. The values they helped teach today’s generation of firefighters are life values that will hopefully not be forgotten.
These three firefighters brought their wit, wisdom and skills to the fire ground and the firehouse, teaching by example and allowing themselves to be taught as well. Today we salute them and their drive to make the world around them a better place. May their life values continue far into the future.