Town Cleanup is a Strong Bird-in-Hand Tradition

The annual Town Cleanup Day in Bird-in-Hand was held on Saturday, May 31. The crews typically start at 6 am when traffic is not heavy. When there is a good turnout, the project takes 1½ hours.
Nineteen workers and two fire police were on hand in 2014. This is an event where young and old work together. Ages ranged from 13 to 68. Two crews worked on the south and north sides of the Old Philadelphia Pike.
The starting place is at the Fire Hall and the crews work their way through town to Maple Avenue. They make sure the railroad underpass, stairways, and sidewalks are clean for another year and enjoy coffee and doughnuts at the Fire Hall when they are finished.
Town Cleanup Day was started as a Boy Scout’s project with a few community people helping him. The first year three dump truck loads were hauled away because, except for six inches at the edge, the sidewalks were covered with grass and weeds. The cleanup was a big part of the preparation for the 250th Anniversary of Bird-in-Hand in 1984.