A New Home for Our Old Tanker

After 24 years of faithful service, the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company sold the 1990 Tanker to the Vermontville Fire Department in Vermontville, Michigan, a town 30 miles southwest of Lansing. The tanker was so well maintained over the years that the Fire Company was able to recoup one-third of its original 1990 purchase price.

Vermontville’s old tanker, which was made from an airport fuel truck, was replaced in July with our 1990 Tanker.

On July 26 the tanker was driven 600 miles to its new home in Michigan. There the Fire Department will shorten the front bumper so that it fits into their fire station. They plan to use it as a nurse tanker for the next 10-20 years. One of the last times it was used by Hand-in-Hand was at the July 12 fire at the Bird-in-Hand Family Inn.img227