A Note From the Chief…Being Safe

Recently a technician serviced the fire extinguishers at my day job. A coworker of mine remarked, “A number of the workers here are firefighters, and they’re picky about their fire extinguishers!”

My response was, “Fire can strike anywhere, anytime – it is common sense to be prepared.” A recent fire here in Bird-in-Hand is a prime example. A normal workday ended with a very large fire that was sparked by an electrical malfunction within a wall.

In everyday life we take many safety precautions. We wear seat belts while driving and helmets while playing baseball. We also need to take precautions in our homes, such as installing fire extinguishers and changing the batteries in our smoke detectors. Teaching our families how to call 911 and how to exit our homes safely during a fire is one of the most important safety precautions of all.