Dear Fire Company, What’s Your Name?

We are officially chartered as the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company No.1


On September 3, 1896 a devastating fire swept the village of Bird-in-Hand. The townspeople formed a bucket brigade and stood shoulder-to-shoulder, handed buckets of water down the row, and were able to save all but 12 buildings in the town. When a determined group of men met to organize fire protection for the town in 1910, Secretary Levi Herr suggested the Hand-in-Hand name as a take-off of the town’s name.

This name traditionally carries much meaning for the people in our community. Presently we work side-by-side just like the bucket brigade did in 1896. We have a wonderful community spirit with many faithful volunteers donating countless hours of labor to make Bird-in-Hand a safe and pleasant place to live and work.


There are also times when we refer to ourselves as the Bird-in-Hand Fire Company. This name is used in situations when we benefit from mentioning our Fire Company’s exact town location. It is especially helpful when we are advertising special events or fundraising dinners. That way people from out of town know where to find us.

The name Hand-in-Hand Fire Company is printed on the sides of our vehicles. We have also added East Lampeter Township to the emblem on our vehicles to specify our location and acknowledge the support they give us. With their financial help, we are able to offer many more services.

We are presently in the process of registering both the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company and the Bird-in- Hand Fire Company names. Both are correct!