Appeal for Funds & Financial Report

Bird-in-Hand is a community of caring, generous people who value the services they receive. We as a Fire Company are committed to doing our part to provide the finest fire protection possible and to be an advocate for safety in general. As we work in partnership with our community, we discover that we can accomplish much more together than any of us can do on our own.

Please join with your neighbors to keep our community strong by sending your annual financial contribution to the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company.

We are volunteers who give of our own time to fight fires, respond to many other emergencies, maintain equipment, improve the Fire Hall, and conduct fundraisers. Your financial help is a vote of affirmation to us.

Last year 40% of our residents and businesses made contributions. We are grateful and take seriously our pledge to be good stewards of your gifts. Our goal in 2012 is for everyone to generously give so that the Fire Company can have adequate resources for the future. Thank you for being our partner and for helping to make Bird-in-Hand an outstanding community.SNAG-0006