Fire Police Ensure Safety & Security

Hand-in-Hand’s Fire Police protect the safety and security of firefighters and other emergency personnel working on or near roadways. They also assist the police department in performing road closures, traffic control, crowd control at public events, missing persons searches, parade details, security, and other tasks as requested.


Hand-in-Hand Fire Company is one of the more fortunate companies in the county to have 10 active members on the roster. Becoming a certified fire police officer requires membership and special appointment by the fire company. Education of a fire police officer includes six basic courses (96 total hours) and refresher trainings yearly. After completing all trainings and tests, fire police are sworn in by the municipality in which they serve. Hand-in-Hand’s officers are sworn in by the East Lampeter Justice of the Peace.


A state certification is also available. Currently, there are two members of Hand-in-Hand Fire Company who are state certified: Les Fazekas and Fred Greer.