Fire Prevention

IMG_0439Fire prevention has a vital role in ensuring a safe community.  The Hand-in-Hand Fire Company is committed to working with the community to minimize the risks associated with fires .  This includes sponsoring Family Day events that teach the community about the importance of:

  • Using a fire extinguisher
  • Surviving a nighttime house fire
  • Safely evacuating from a building with multiple floors
  • Safety on the road
  • Knowing the issues related to propane and natural gas
  • Placing a call to 911
  • Making homes kid-safe
  • Installing and maintaining home smoke and CO DetectorsIMG_0442IMG_0423IMG_1027IMG_1074IMG_1023

Safety Tip

February 17, 2016

Joining Hands to do the Best Job Possible

February 17, 2016

The following article continues a series detailing various positions that our firefighters fill. From basic skills to top management, all roles are vitally important in making our Fire Company function well. We hope these articles help community members better understand how we function as a team using everyone’s strengths within a chain of command. CAPTAINS … Continue reading Joining Hands to do the Best Job Possible

2015 Fire Company Responses

February 17, 2016

A Note from the Chief: Fighter or Provider?

February 17, 2016

Benjamin Franklin started a fire brigade in Philadelphia that had one purpose – to fight fires. Hence, the men were called firefighters. We fight against something negative; something people don’t want, such as a fire in a building. Fire service in America has followed that concept quite closely. However, today’s local fire companies are much … Continue reading A Note from the Chief: Fighter or Provider?

Senior Firemen Keep Fire Company’s History Alive

February 17, 2016

Bird-in-Hand’s most senior firefighters met together at the Fire Hall on Thursday, January 14 for a morning of reminiscing. As Dave Haldeman (68 years), Glenn Siegrist (66 years), Dan S. Fisher (53 years), Les Fazekas (45 years), and Bud Shirk (41 years) told their stories, they flamed up fading embers from the past. John Schell … Continue reading Senior Firemen Keep Fire Company’s History Alive

Service Award

February 17, 2016

Congratulations to Paul Fisher on his 25-year Service Award!

2015 Firefighter of the Year

February 17, 2016

Doug Glick grew up in a family of firefighters. His grandfather Jake Glick of Smoketown volunteered for many years with the Witmer Fire Company and his father Dave served there as assistant chief. It was natural for Doug to become a junior fireman at Witmer when he was 14 because it meant spending time with … Continue reading 2015 Firefighter of the Year

Kid’s Corner

February 17, 2016

When to Call 9-1-1

November 15, 2015

A Note From the Chief… Most people in the United States have become familiar with the 9-1-1 system since it was first implemented in 1968. Today dialing 9-1-1 from any telephone in North America will link the caller to an emergency dispatch center, which can send emergency responders to the caller’s location in the United … Continue reading When to Call 9-1-1

Buggy Accidents Increase in Lancaster County

February 01, 2015

Recently Lancaster County residents have heard about an increase in the number of vehicle accidents involving Amish buggies. Speed and carelessness are the culprits in almost every case. Carelessness can be the fault of either the car or buggy driver. Motorists should be aware that even though most horses are trained for the road, they … Continue reading Buggy Accidents Increase in Lancaster County