SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Local Businesses are Generous with Food Donations

We are appreciative of the local businesses that support us by donating food for our fundraising meals. This is a creative way to involve more people in the ongoing mission of our Fire Company. We enjoy working together with these businesses to raise finances to keep quality fire protection in our community.


Chicken Pot Pie Dinner

Saturday AFTER Presidents’ Day

  • Weavertown Coach – chicks
  • Lancaster Ag Products – feed for the chickens
  • Lester Lapp Family – raising the chickens
  • David Petersheim & Leroy Miller Families – chicken processing
  • Oasis – butter, deep freeze & storage of chicken
  • Gideon Stoltzfus – potatoes
  • Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop – dinner rolls, dough supplies
  • Four Seasons Produce – fresh produce
  • Turkey Hill Dairy – generous discount on drinks & ice cream
Chicken BBQ

Memorial Day Saturday & Labor Day Saturday

  • Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop – dinner rolls
  • Turkey Hill Dairy – generous discount on drinks & ice cream
  • E.K. Bare & Sons – potato chips
Carriage Auction Food Tent & Haystack Dinner

Last Thursday & Friday in June

  • Stoltzfus Meats & Deli – chili, apple maple sausage grillers for breakfast sandwiches
  • Four Seasons Produce – fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Oasis – organic cheese and cottage cheese, milk for the homemade ice cream and fresh dairy products
  • Miller’s Smorgasbord – pulled pork
  • E.K. Bare & Sons – potato chips
  • JM Lapp Plumbing – bottled water
  • Turkey Hill – generous discount on drinks & ice cream
Half Marathon Weekend

Friday & Saturday after Labor Day

  • Ettline Foods – pizza and pasta
  • Shady Lane Curtains – chicken barbecue
  • Stoltzfus Meats & Deli – hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage
  • JM Lapp Plumbing – bottled water
  • Good N Plenty – whoopie pies
  • Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe – cookies & whoopie pies
  • Kauffman’s Fruit Farm – cold storage throughout year, refrigerator trucks for events, generous discount on cake supplies, meats/cheeses/rolls for sandwiches served at large fires to crews

**Please know that we did our best to include all major food sponsors in this listing. However, if we inadvertently missed someone, contact Paul Fisher 717.380.1109 and we will include you in our next newsletter.

We encourage local people to patronize these businesses and thank them for their support of the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company. By their generosity, they are making a difference in our local community.
We also honor and thank the volunteers from our community who are very generous with their time. They serve by baking pies, whoopie pies and cakes; working shifts in the food tent; serving guests and clearing tables; preparing food and barbecuing chicken; manning the kitchen; washing dishes and cleaning up; and making sure that those who attend our dinners are comfortable and well fed.

It takes a team of workers and contributors to make our fundraising dinners successful!