The Day the Fire Truck Came to Our House

On May 2, 2013 The Hand-in-Hand Fire Company honored two of Nathan and Martha Bange’s children, Kendall and Larisa, for submitting their family’s Escape Plan. They had read about the activity in the Children’s Corner of the Fire Company newsletter and completed the project as part of their home-school studies. Here is the photo story of their surprising prize!

The fire truck turned on its siren as it came down Meadow Lane and stopped at our house. Four brave firefighters greeted us Bange children: Kristal (13), Kendall (11), Larisa (10), Angelica (8), and Anita (5).


We hurried to our bedrooms to practice our Escape Plan. Here Larisa crawls through the upper hallway. he is headed to the safety of our meeting place outside by the telephone pole.


What fun to tour the fire truck! We learned about the equipment and how it fights fires. Chief Lonnie helps Kendall strap on an air pack.


Anita and Angelica pretend to be firefighters with coats and hats. They waited patiently while we older children circled the block on the fire truck, siren blaring.


Everyone loves ice cream and whoopie pies! It was a part of our prize for making an Escape Plan. Our parents say that the firefighters were great! They treated us to much more than our family ever imaged or expected.