Thank You For Your Heartwarming Response!

SNAG-0003The Fire Company is grateful for the generosity of the community during our 2012 Spring Fund Appeal. We are pleased to have heard from one-third of you and await a response from those who procrastinated, forgot, or laid aside our Fund Appeal letter in February.

Help us achieve a 100% participation rate from the residents in our first due. If you haven’t made a donation this year, please consider using the enclosed envelope to submit a contribution. Thank you for helping us keep excellent fire protection alive and well in our community.

2012 YTD Expenses $58,564
Utilities & Grounds $20,780
Equipment – New, Repair, Maint. $20,698
Office & Administrative $6,440
Building Improvements/Repairs $3,212
Fire Prevention $1,479
Fuel (Trucks) $1,045
Miscellaneous $433
Refreshments/Banquets $335
Training $289
Computer/Electronics $254


2012 YTD Income $119,429*
Fire Dues Contributions & Donations $31,978
Carriage & Antique Auction $23,810
East Lampeter Twp. $22,400
Fundraising Dinners $21,777
Grants $10,059
Meeting Room Rent & Sign Lease $8,280
Interest & Miscellaneous $635
Merchandise Sales $490

*All income over and above expenses will go towards our new tanker purchase in 2013.