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Keeping Children Safe Around Water

Adult supervision is the #1 ruleimg229

At Home

  • Always stay right beside children in or near bathtubs, toilets, & buckets.
  • Do not put other children in charge during bathtime.
  • Drain the tub immediately after use.
  • Keep toilet seats closed.
  • Keep doors to bathrooms and laundry rooms closed.

In Pools & Hot Tubs

  • Teach children to always be with an adult when they are near or in water.
  • Enclose private pools with four-sided fencing & install self-closing, self-latching gates.
  • Cover and lock hot tubs when not in use.
  • Warn children about drain entanglement and entrapment. Teach children not to play or swim near drains or suction outlets.
  • Be aware that flat drain grates and single main drain systems are dangerous. Protect drains with certified anti-entrapment drain covers.
  • Install a safety vacuum release system.
  • Learn more at

Around Open Water

  • Give children undivided attention in and around open bodies of water.
  • Take turns with other adults to be a designated “water watcher.”
  • Teach children that swimming in open water is different than in a pool.
  • Inform children about uneven surfaces, river currents, ocean undertow, and changing weather.
  • Learn infant and child CPR.
  • Keep a phone nearby for emergencies.
  • Have children wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets for boating and water sports, even swimming.
  • Make sure the life jacket fits snugly. Chin and ears
    should not slip through neck opening.

Source: Safe Kids USA’s website

Firefighters Volunteer in Mississippi

Five firefighters from Bird-in-Hand joined a group of three other local men to volunteer with the West Hancock Fire Rescue in Pearlington, Mississippi, this summer. Lyndon Beiler, Amos Lee Fisher, Raymond Petersheim, Ivan Stoltzfus, and Melvin B. Stoltzfus spent 12 days relieving the regular volunteer firefighters in this community on the Gulf of Mexico that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Bird-in-Hand firefighters assisted the West Hancock Fire Rescue in Pearlington, Mississippi this summer.

After Katrina’s destruction many volunteer firefighters quit to help with the rebuilding or moved out of the area. That has left a small core of active firefighters whose primary coverage area is spread out over 75 square miles and includes 13 miles of Interstate-10 and the I-10 Pearl River Bridge. With an average of three calls per day (1,000 a year), they need help from fellow firefighters.

For 25-30 weeks out of the year, firefighters from many different states drive to the Deep South to give the West Hancock Fire Rescue members a break. On July 8-20 the young men from Bird-in-Hand took their turn in this heartwarming mission. They cooked meals in the kitchen, slept in the station bunkhouse, and responded to 16 calls. Fourteen of those were vehicle accidents, one was a trailer fire and one was an elevator rescue. This is typical because 90% of the West Hancock calls are accidents due to I-10.

Ivan Stoltzfus summed up his experience, “They are happy for anyone’s help. Down there you do what you need to do. They do not nitpick. It was a lot of fun to go down south, but when we got home, we were thankful for all the things we have at our station.”


A Note From the Chief…Safety

In the local area this past spring, there have been Around Water tragic accidents of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and manure pit drownings. These are two dangers that are more widespread than commonly thought.

It is easy to become complacent and rationalize, “It always happens to someone else.” However, today or tomorrow that someone else could be you or your family. I urge you farmers to never work alone at a manure pit, and if rescue is necessary, call 911 to get trained rescuers to respond.

You owe it to your family and yourself to evaluate your home, farm or business and make changes if you find unacceptable risks. The best plan is to install CO detectors in your buildings and educate your family about the 911 System.

Help Needed for Data Entry

Time Commitment: A few 2-3 hour sessions per year

Equipment: Computer (personal or at the Fire Hall)

Details: These individuals will handle basic data entry and record keeping duties. Example: typing up handwritten lists of volunteers & contact info from an event.

Interested? Call Amy Wissing at 717.330.3149 to inquire about this volunteer role.

Help Needed for Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon Events

Time Commitment: A few hours on September 7 or 8

Details: Because of a feature article in the April edition of Runner’s World, the response to the Bird-in- Hand Half Marathon, 5K, and Kids’ Fun Run on September 7 & 8 has been fantastic.

We are asking for many volunteers to help with the pre-race spaghetti dinner and the running events throughout the weekend. Tasks vary from parking cars to serving food to handing out water along the course.

Take your place on the organizational wheel! It will be an enjoyable weekend for our community as we volunteer together.

Interested? Contact Jim Smucker at 717.471.6733 or to inquire about this volunteer role.

K-8 Students Are Invited

The Bird-in-Hand Fire Company is excited about investing time and resources to educate our community children in all aspects of safety. We feel this is a wise and worthwhile use of Fire Company funds and will have great benefits in keeping our homes, farms, and businesses safe in the future. Our firefighters count it a privilege to work with our children, teach them skills, and instill in them the importance of being safe.

Student Safety Day
Friday, October 5, 2012 11am-2pm

WHO: All K-8 students residing in our first due running area (public, private, or home-schooled) & students attending private schools located in our running area
INCLUDED: Lunch, age-appropriate activities for grades K-8 (K-2 will have their own Junior Program), goody bags

Thank You For Your Heartwarming Response!

SNAG-0003The Fire Company is grateful for the generosity of the community during our 2012 Spring Fund Appeal. We are pleased to have heard from one-third of you and await a response from those who procrastinated, forgot, or laid aside our Fund Appeal letter in February.

Help us achieve a 100% participation rate from the residents in our first due. If you haven’t made a donation this year, please consider using the enclosed envelope to submit a contribution. Thank you for helping us keep excellent fire protection alive and well in our community.

2012 YTD Expenses $58,564
Utilities & Grounds $20,780
Equipment – New, Repair, Maint. $20,698
Office & Administrative $6,440
Building Improvements/Repairs $3,212
Fire Prevention $1,479
Fuel (Trucks) $1,045
Miscellaneous $433
Refreshments/Banquets $335
Training $289
Computer/Electronics $254


2012 YTD Income $119,429*
Fire Dues Contributions & Donations $31,978
Carriage & Antique Auction $23,810
East Lampeter Twp. $22,400
Fundraising Dinners $21,777
Grants $10,059
Meeting Room Rent & Sign Lease $8,280
Interest & Miscellaneous $635
Merchandise Sales $490

*All income over and above expenses will go towards our new tanker purchase in 2013.

Ladies Auxiliary Hosts Successful Yard Sale

Thank you to the community for supporting the Ladies Auxiliary at the Community Yard Sale on Saturday, May 5. What a beautiful, sunny spring day!

Vendors were located in the dining room and bay area of the Fire Hall with overflow on the outside. Chairperson Pat Hanisuck reports that with the table rentals, white elephant table, snack stand, and popular made-on-site cider doughnuts, the total profits were $821. Next year’s yard sale is on May 4, 2013.