Two Unique Ways to Raise Money

From 1991-1994 the Fire Company was in the toy business. It sold four models of Bird-in-Hand Fire Company Winross Trucks when that type of fundraiser was at the height of its popularity. A 1992 Special Edition model featured a box truck with a picture of the old fire wagon drawn by two horses. The 1992 Firefighter’s Edition had four horses pulling the wagon. Only 50 of these were produced and they sold for $100 each. Two different tanker trucks, one red and one white, were also available. The Fire Company grossed $10,000 from these sales and used the money to finish renovations and buy furnishings for the 1990 building project.


Firefighters also remember catching chickens, carrying them upside down by their legs out of chicken houses, and putting them into cages to be hauled off on trucks. They were paid a few cents for each chicken that was caught. An amazing historical detail is that the Ladies Auxiliary also helped with this project, although they called it “housing” chickens. Understandably, this fundraiser never grew in popularity.